Tuesday, March 04, 2008

You won't have me to kick around anymore!

No, not me. Hewlett-Packard!

I heard about a month ago that HP was going to bow out of the IDM business. I didn't want to post anything because I felt it would compromise the person that told me. But, now that it has made the news:

Check out Burton Group's blog entry on this very topic...

Burton Group has been contacted by HP customers who report that HP is no longer going to seek new customers for its Identity Center product. We have contacted HP and the company confirms that HP Software has decided to focus its investment in identity management products exclusively on existing customers and not on pursuing additional customers or market share. HP is in the process of reaching out to each customer regarding the change.

Seriously - you thought HP was a contender in this space???!!! No, no, Nanette. Thanks for playing. Mission failure.

My friend Ian Yip also discusses HP over at his blog...

They've never really been in the Enterprise Identity Management game.

Let's be honest. The meta-directory is dead. Approaches that look like a meta-directory are dead. We talk about Identity 2.0 in the context of Web services and the evolution of digital identity but our infrastructure, enterprise identity "stuff" is decrepit and falling apart. I have visions of identity leprosy with this bit and that bit simply falling off because it was never built with Web services in mind.

I started in this area in 1993 and some of the same architectures are still out there.

There is going to be a big bang in this area. HP getting sucked into the black hole is just a step towards that...

p.s. I wonder if you can still buy "LDSU" from HP? That was Compaq's holdover from the early 1990's. Wouldn't that be funny if you could. Now there's some leprosy...

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