Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quest Granted Another Patent

We were just notified that we were awarded yet another patent for our work on translating legacy authentication requests into Kerberos requests. This is a pretty key and important area that allows us to take, for example, LDAP requests and authentications and return Kerberos tickets to implement single sign-on. It’s patent #7,904,949 “Apparatus, systems and methods to provide authentication services to a legacy application ”. Congrats to John Bowers and Matt Peterson our illustrious inventors. The patented work shows up in Quest Authentication Services and further demonstrates the innovative work that has been put into our products.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Implement a Two-Factor Authentication Solution -- or Replace Your Current One

Are you considering implementing or replacing your current two-factor authentication solution? Not all solutions are the same.
In this live webcast, “Secure, Affordable Two-Factor Authentication,” you’ll learn about Quest Defender, an affordable, open-standards solution for two-factor authentication. You’ll see how Defender can:
  • Leverage the redundancy, security and scalability of your existing Active Directory investment– so you won’t need to invest in expensive, proprietary solutions or learn a new console
  • Coexist with other two-factor implementations for ZeroIMPACT migrations
  • Offer perpetual soft and hard tokens that never expire
  • Include all agents, radius servers and user self registration for both hard and soft tokens
You can register here for the webcast which takes place on Wednesday, May 4th at 11AM eastern time.

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