Monday, March 03, 2008

National Security Trumps Personal Privacy

Today we announced the results of our Identity Management Government Survey of federal, state, local and municipal government IT professionals conducted by Pursuant, a Washington, D.C.-based public opinion research firm. They surveyed nearly 500 customers so it's a pretty good sample.

Key findings include:

  • The heterogeneous (mixed-application) environment is “very challenging” or “somewhat challenging” according to 51% for their organization or agency’s identity management system.

  • According to a majority (53%) of respondents, national security should be the priority, even if Americans’ personal privacy is negatively impacted.

  • Respondents cited lack of funding as the main obstacle that would most impact their organization or agency’s ability to reach their identity management objectives (31%). During the next five years, many (45%) think the amount budgeted for identity management projects and services will increase; very few (5%) think it will decrease.

  • However, half of respondents (50%) believe Congress should provide more funding to agencies to develop and implement identity management systems; a nearly equal number (49%) believe it should require greater planning and collaboration among federal agencies and state and local governments.

  • More city, county and municipal government IT professionals are likely to be “very concerned” (59%) about compromised critical public infrastructure than federal (45%) or state (38%) government IT professionals.

  • Over one-half of government IT professionals (56%) have either personally seen or heard about someone violating their organization or agency’s security protocols.

The majority of folks surveyed believe national security trumps security but I guess with the current administration why is this surprising?! Also, the fact that over half have seen or heard about security violations is also interesting.

What does everyone think about the privacy part of this?

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