Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oslo, Microsoft not Oslo, Norway

I've been to Oslo, Norway - and it's wonderful - but Oslo, Microsoft is definitely a place to get more familiar with. The front cover of the Sept 8/08 E-Week featured Microsoft's Oslo. Oslo is all about making it easier for developers to develop distributed applications which in today's parlance means Web-based and services oriented. I think the article was also interesting in describing how Microsoft's BizTalk Server is going to play a significant role "in the cloud".

There are other articles about the origins of Oslo and the "D" language that was (is?) being developed at Microsoft to support developing Oslo content. I'd recommend taking the time to read the articles. A significant part of the Microsoft Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is going to be dedicated to Oslo including a delivery of the first Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Oslo.

If you check the agenda for the PDC you'll see there are 26 sessions on "cloud services" in addition to 5 sessions on Oslo specifically compared to 14 on SQL Server, 8 on identity and only 5 on "Windows 7". Hmmm, I wonder where Microsoft is focusing?!

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