Monday, September 22, 2008

Netpro and Quest - Now the real work begins!

I mentioned in a post last week that a bunch of people from both Quest and NetPro were locked in a room in Aliso Viejo figuring out our go forward plans for both sets of products. I think we made awesome progress last week in at least determining which were the best products wherever there was overlap. Now the technical guys are going to figure out the finer details of what, if any, engineering work needs to take place to ensure there is no loss of functionality based on the preliminary discussions. We are pretty much still on target for announcing our roadmap plans on Oct 15.

Dave Kearns over at Network Computing recaped the acquisition in his story "Two Classy Organizations are Now One". He asks an interesting question:

What happens to NetPro's TurboCharge after its meger with Quest?

As usual, Dave poses a good question. We definitely discussed TurboCharge so I think it is safe to assume that we'll disclose our plans regarding it on Oct 15, too. I will go out on a limb and tell everyone that I went ahead and made the (easy) decision that we would continue with NetPro's MissionControl for Microsoft ILM product. MissionControl proactively troubleshoots and diagnoses issues with ILM servers, management agents, and connected databases along with providing auditing and reporting on critical configuration changes as they occur.

My compliments to everyone involved last week. We shared a lot of laughter during the meetings. Everyone is excited!

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Congratulations on account of the acquisition!