Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FTTP? FiOS? part #3

This is my third post about Verizon's "fiber to the premises" (FTTP) or their "fiber optic service" (FiOS). I first commented about it coming to my area and then about the actual install. Well, I've been checking the order page daily and today I was finally able to place an order.

I've requested Verizon's 15Mbs(down)/2Mbs(up) Internet service and apparently the installer will be by on September 19th to light me up (summary of my order below). The monthly fee is basically $50 for this service which is the same that I pay Comcast for a lower grade of service.

Anyway, more on how the install pans out and if the actual speeds measure up. I will take Verizon's advice which was on the order summary: "We recommend that you wait until after your FiOS service is installed before you cancel your current provider."

Funny, that's exactly what my wife said...Along with "Why do you want to be first?"

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