Saturday, June 02, 2007

FTTP? FiOS? part #2

In February I blogged about how Verizon was getting ready to install "fiber to the premises" or FTTP and the ensuing conversation with my wife on that topic. Fast forward to Thursday of this past week (5/31/07) and Tetra Tech, the subcontractor for Verizon, is actually pulling the fiber-optic cables throughout the neighborhood. Click on the picture below to see a few of the shots I took of the operation. It took a long time for the conduits to be installed but laying the fiber was fast.

FiOS fibre install

Of course, my wife "caught" me taking pictures of the operation. Here's a recap of the conversation...

  • Wife: What are you taking pictures of?

  • Jackson: Those guys that are working outside.

  • Wife: Why? What do we need pictures of that for?

  • Jackson: For my blog.

  • Wife: You and your blog. Now you're blogging about workmen?

  • Jackson: No, it's about the Verizon fibre optic stuff we talked about before. Remember? High-speed interest, TV and IP phone service.

  • Wife: So you're going to get it?

  • Jackson: Yes, it's cheaper and faster than what we have now.

  • Wife: Sure, it'll be cheaper for a few months then they'll raise the rates. You're in marketing and I can't believe you're falling for their line.

  • Jackson: I don't think that will happen. This is all about competition and stealing market share from ComCast. They have to keep it cheaper.

  • Wife: Right. Sure. Just make sure they don't make a mess because I'm sure you're going to tell me they have to drill and install stuff in the house next, right?

  • Jackson: Ah......
Stay tuned for part #3 when Verizon actually installs the service. There will be more pictures, an after-action report on the service and probably another dialog with my wife about the whole thing.

Unless I can get it all done while she's out of town...

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Anonymous said...

So far I've been most amused by blog entries about conversations with wifes about technology.

I can't wait till the day that I can't post some of my own. (Or can I wait?)