Monday, February 12, 2007


So I'm out walking the dog - literally - and there are these guys spray painting the road to mark services, electrical, cable etc. I figure we are getting ready for a world of hurt with roads being dug up for new sewers or whatever.

Further down the road there's a little sign stuck in a lawn saying "Verizon, working for you" with a tube underneath with a flyer inserted. Being the inquisitive guy I am I figure it must be something interesting because we already have Verizon wires coming into our house.

Low and behold, they start talking about FTTP - fiber to the premises - and my mouth immediately begins to water. I didn't tell you but I was walking the dog with my wife. Here's what transpired...

  • Jackson: Wow, this is excellent. I can't wait. Gonna get me some of that FTTP FiOS stuff!
  • Wife: What's that?
  • Jackson: FTTP = fiber to the premises
  • Wife: So they're going to run fiber to our house?
  • Jackson: Yup. Cool, eh?
  • Wife: So what? What does that mean?
  • Jackson: It means a fast internet connection, IP phone, IP TV.
  • Wife: So we'll be spending more then. (Note this is a statement - not a question)
  • Jackson: Who knows. I haven't seen any prices yet.
  • Wife: You mean our phone will be like those people down the street who have Vonage and it never works and they sound like they're at the bottom of a barrel? Why do we want that? I'm not getting that.
  • Wife: What's wrong with what we have now?
  • Jackson: This'll be faster and cooler.
  • Wife: So? Why do you need faster?
  • Jackson: So we can have all the cool stuff.
  • Wife: You mean like the people down the street who sound like they're in a barrel when we call them? Right. Plus we'll be paying more.
  • Jackson: OK, let's just wait and see what the pricing is.
  • Wife: We're not going to pay more than we're paying now. I don't care how fast or cool it is. When is all this friggin' digging going to be done anyway?

Why don't wive's understand faster and cooler?

Want to see what this really means? (I hope it's what it means for me!) Read this article over at Microsoft Watch by Joe Wilcox on what it meant for him.

Oh, and help me out convincing the wife...Don't you want faster and cooler? I'll help you out if you'll help me out.

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Hahah!! a funny post indeed.

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