Thursday, May 31, 2007

dunnhumby eliminates the cause of their headache

I love customer success stories as you know...

dunnhumby Saves Time, Reduces Costs and Creates a Secure
Mixed IT Environment with Vintela Authentication Services

Here's how the customer defined success...

1. Achieved time and cost savings by not needing to spend additional resource resetting passwords and creating multiple accounts. (End-users only need one account now)

2. Achieved up to six hours of time savings per week through reduced administration and maintenance of user accounts and permissions. (Everything occurs in one place now)

3. Reduced the risk of security breach. (De-provisioning in one place)

4. Removed the need for separate Windows and Unix support teams for account management. (The Windows guys do it all)

5. Expected complete ROI within 12 months.

This is about identity consolidation - not identity management. What's the difference? Consolidation is a simplification of your environment. Management is simply doing what you are doing today by either automating or improving the processes.

Why manage a problem when you can eliminate it??

p.s. This is a great example of my #3 tenet of identity management: Stop taking aspirin - Eliminate the cause of the headache

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