Wednesday, May 30, 2007

We need a broad-scope identity conference

This is the title of Dave Kearns "Network World's Identity Management Newsletter" of 05/30/07. I totally agree with his comments...
Now, I do agree that we need more conferences of this type. We do have them in North America – things like Courion’s Converge, the Internet Identity Workshops and NetPro’s Directory Experts Conference come to mind – but it’s generally organized around a particular vendor, product or technology rather than as part of a conference covering a broad spectrum of identity. Maybe what we really need is an identity fair (or “identitie faire”) with PowerPoint presentations for those who need them and hands-on labs for those who don’t. Something for everyone, under the big top. Not just a “dog-and-pony” show, but a real three ring circus. Who’ll step up and organize this?

Count me in to help in any way but as a vendor I can't organize it otherwise it would be just another vendor show...Catch-22.

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Dave Kearns said...

You'll just have to leave your vendor's cap at home.....


dimikagi said...

This is exactly what I'm trying to do at And while its not a conference, I'm trying to get a "vendor neutral" site going to discuss IDM. Who knows . . . if there's enough interest, perhaps it will get big enough to sponsor such a thing.

If the open source groups can do it, why not those with a particular (functional) interest?

Disclaimer: I do work for a vendor, which is Quest Software, but that doesn't get in the way (much).