Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Identity management survey

Kim Cameron is asking folks to help his buddy Marcus Lasance publisize his identity management survey so help out by passing on the news!

Marcus Lasance has a sterling reputation in identity management, having contributed to its evolution for many years now.

He was well known as managing director of MaxWare (recently acquired by SAP) and is now involved with Siemens. For those not familiar with the European landscape, both of these companies have done extraordinary identity work.

Marcus has put together an identity management survey that I promise isn’t an advertising gimmick, and has offered to share the results with the blogosphere, so why not help out? I did. Now I’m going to pass the URL on to some of my friends in the Microsoft IT department, since they will have more relevant answers than I do as an architect. You may want to answer it directly, or pass it on to your IT colleagues.

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