Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Now that's interop!

Check out Novell's BrainShare keynote for an amazing demo of the interoperability they have built between Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory. You can fast-forward to the demo if you're impatient. It's at 1:15:43 and it is awesome.

In an earlier post (Jan. 18/07) I mentioned that BrainShare would be the first true test of the agreement - Would a Microsoft executive speak? Answer = yes! Craig Mundie from Microsoft was on-stage with Novell's CTO for a fireside chat.

Novell basically demoed the software I mentioned in yesterday's post called Novell Domain Services for Windows. Some of the key things shown during the demo included:

  • Creating a user via the ADUC MMC but the user created is actually added to eDirectory
  • Modified the added user via iManager and refreshed the MMC to see the change appear
  • Set up a two-way trust between two companies (acme.com and widget.com)
  • Enabled sharing a folder in one company for a specific user in the other company
  • From the other company logged in as that user and accessed that resource

Very nice indeed. Good work guys!

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