Monday, March 19, 2007

Novell Domain Services for Windows

Today Novell announced something called "Novell Domain Services for Windows" which appears to be ready to go into beta test. So what is it you ask? Here's the synopsis:

Domain Services for Windows lets Windows desktop users take advantage of Novell back-end services and technology without using a Novell Client. It allows Windows users to seamlessly access Novell servers using native Windows protocols, as well as provides cross-authentication between Microsoft Active Directory* and Novell eDirectory™. With this integration, customers can easily drop Linux servers into Windows environments. Using either Novell iManager or Microsoft Management Console to manage the network, IT administrators can standardize on fewer desktop images and have one less component to update and manage on the desktop, resulting in lower IT budgets.

So what exactly does this mean? Maybe more will be discussed at BrainShare? Certainly sounds interesting...

p.s. Didn't see anything on Port25 about this topic - at least not yet. Or, at Microsoft's press release web pages but it was announced by Novell today.

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