Monday, March 19, 2007 open for business! is now open for business! We're opening it a week before the Microsoft Management Summit to work out any last minute kinks prior to the "official" launch next week.

Here's a few of the interesting PowerPacks that have been posted so far...
  • Key Management Service (KMS) reporting - This snapin extracts Vista activation data from corporate Key Management Service (KMS) installations and allows administrators to monitor and ensure Vista licensing compliance.
  • Purge Log files on Exchange 2007 servers - Script is used to purge log files on Exchange 2007 servers
  • Retrieving DNS Records for LCS 2005 - LCSUtils-DNS.Ps1 is a simple DNS verification tool for LCS. It takes the name of a LCS enterprise pool and reports DNS records that are configured for this pool ( A record and SRV record) Syntax : .\LCSUtils-DNS.ps1 -LCSServer

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