Friday, December 22, 2006

Monitor ADAM using MOM 2005

We recently released a piece of freeware that enables companies that use Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 to monitor ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) instances. We built the management pack with the help of a number of our customers - including a not-to-be-named aircraft manufacturer - who have significant ADAM deployments so I think it provides real value-add to anyone out there that has both ADAM and MOM deployed. This is also the very first management pack to be released that supports monitoring of ADAM - not even Microsoft has released one yet!

The management pack provides proactive performance monitoring and real-time diagnostics for detecting, troubleshooting and rapid resolution of replication, performance, and availability problems in ADAM environments. There's also a graphical topology view of ADAM, and numerous rules to monitor the health of ADAM instances and the systems that host them.

The management pack enables administrators to quickly identify the root-cause of problems in ADAM, and promptly resolve them so if you have ADAM and MOM then get downloading!

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