Sunday, December 24, 2006

Zunes are on the shelf and I’m worried!

I joined the Microsoft Alumni Network after I left Microsoft because I get to purchase software and hardware from the Microsoft company store at real good prices. I just picked up Windows XP Professional SP2 – the full version – for $38. Not bad, eh?

When Halo2 for the Xbox hit the company store I was in a line - before the store opened - that stretched fully around the building and people kept pouring onto the end of the line. Halo2 was hot. The store is usually the very last place to get newly released software. When Vista finally hits the shelves it might make it to the company store after a few months in the retail/consumer channel and when it does hit the store it will probably sell out immediately.

While I was in the store picking up XP for a friend I happened to see a display of Microsoft’s new Zune priced at $220 which is a small discount from retail. There were a few “Oh, there’s a Zune” type comments from the folks in the very long line but no one picked one up to buy.

So, that’s my worry?? Why are their Zunes on the shelf at the Microsoft company store?? If consumer demand for the Zune is heavy the last place it should be found is the company store. I’m still a Microsoft shareholder so with that hat on I’m worried. Remember the SPOT watch? Well, there’s a very dusty display of them over in a corner of the Microsoft company store. Will the Zune suffer the same fate? I sure hope not.

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Craig Martin said...

Now if the Zune incorporated some of the cool features of the SPOT watch then that would be an edge. I've had a spot watch for a couple years and love it.

Unknown said...

Agreed - let's hope by V3 or so the Zune truly rocks!