Friday, December 22, 2006

Provisioning Oracle Access Using Quest’s ActiveRoles Server

There’s a great Microsoft webcast that shows how Quest’s ActiveRoles Server (ARS) helps to provision Oracle accounts using MIIS (Microsoft Identity Integration Server). In addition, the webcast author – Alex Tcherniakhovski – gives an excellent overview of the capabilities of ARS in his demo and how ARS communicates with MIIS.

Alex specifically uses ActiveRoles Server to add a number of benefits to his original solution:

1. Create virtual attributes and therefore avoid Active Directory schema extensions

2. Define dynamic groups in Active Directory, therefore avoiding the need to use another tool for group management

3. Defining dynamic groups based on multi-value attributes

4. Specification of input rules for custom attributes therefore avoiding potential human input errors

5. Rapidly create custom user interfaces to incorporate new functionality available through Active Directory

Two of Quest’s technical experts who contributed to this effort were Stuart Harrison and Noel Sidebotham – good job fellas – and thanks to Alex for putting the webcast together.

The webcast is nearly 40 minutes long so grab a coffee or a cocktail and enjoy!

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