Saturday, December 20, 2008

What would it take? How about support for the standard?

James McGovern asks a great question over at his blog about getting some support for SPML in Active Directory or Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM, aka AD LDS).
What would it take for MS to provide code that simply takes a SPML request on one side and on the other performs the appropriate operations against either/or Active Directory and/or ADAM...

Well the answer is simple: Microsoft would have to support SPML, which it doesn't.

Sorry, what did you say? Use MMS/MIIS/ILM/ILM"2"? Oh, well then MMS/MIIS/ILM/ILM"2" would have to support SPML. Nothing at Microsoft supports SPML.

The stock answer from across the snowy street will be "Hey, that's what WS-Provisioning is for." So let's take a look at the WS-Provisioning support for Active Directory, Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM, aka AD LDS) and MMS/MIIS/ILM/ILM"2": Hmmm, same answer as before. Seems nothing supports WS-Provisioning either.

Personally, I love SPML. We support SPML 2.0 in our ActiveRoles Server (ARS) and, in fact, many of our customers use it in conjunction with Sun's identity products.

Well James, guess you're out of luck buddy. Sorry.

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