Friday, January 05, 2007

Lunch with Karen Forster of WindowsIT Pro Magazine

I had lunch with Karen Forster of WindowsIT Pro Magazine on Thursday (Jan 4) at Lisa Dupar's Pomegranate Bistro restaurant over in Redmond. We had a great meal - I'm adding Pomegranate to my list of good restaurants over on this side of Lake Washington. You might not recognize the name Lisa Dupar but she owns a catering firm in Redmond that Microsoft uses frequently. I've had my share of Lisa's catering while I was with Microsoft so I figured her bistro would be a good bet. Nice choice, Karen!

I had the privilege of working with Karen a number of times when I was at Microsoft. Karen did a story on Group Policy back in November 2004 that I participated in along with Michael Dennis and Mark Williams. It was called "The Group Policy Product Team Hears Customers and responds to their feedback". We get together every once in a while to talk about trends in the industry, gossip about Microsoft and share a good meal.

Lots of discussion over our awesome sandwiches about the recent Desktop Standard acquisition by Microsoft, Active Directory, identity management, Active Directory Federation Services and the recent Microsoft/Novell deal. We had quite the discussion regarding the Microsoft/Novell deal. Anyone see the parallels to another Microsoft deal not to far in the past?

It will be interesting to see what turns into stories in future issues!

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