Monday, August 20, 2012

Quest One & Data Governance

Today we released Quest One Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition. I’m particularly excited about this release because it is built on Quest One Identity Manager and is based on a very scalable and capable identity infrastructure.

By being based on Q1IM we get to leverage all of the capabilities of our underlying identity management platform like data synchronization, provisioning, workflow, segregation of duties, reporting and, most importantly, a common user interface for users of either product.

Some of the other key features include:

  • Restricted Access – Define access policies for your organization to ensure that sensitive unstructured data is only accessible to approved users. Quest One locks down sensitive data such as files, folders and shares across NTFS, NAS devices and SharePoint.
  • Data Owner Assignment – Determine and assign the appropriate owner of data for all future access requests by evaluating usage patterns and read and write access.
  • Simplified Auditing – Identify user access to enterprise resources such as files, folders and shares across NTFS, NAS devices and SharePoint to provide key information during audit preparations. 
  • Automated Access Requests – Use built-in workflows to automatically direct access requests from the request portal to the appropriate data owner. Approved requests are automatically and correctly fulfilled, with no burden on IT.
  • Access Verification – Ensure that only approved users have access to specific resources, including those who have left the organization or department or whose roles have changed. Quest One enables you to monitor user and resource activity, and configure and schedule a recertification process for data owners to verify and attest to employee access.
  • Personalized Dashboard – View trends, historic and current data access activity, and attestation status on a personalized dashboard with reports that can be used to prove compliance to auditors.

More information about Quest One Identity Manager – Data Governance Edition can be found here.

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