Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is seven USC’s lucky number or will they crap out?

USC just had their sixth data breach since 2006 according to this report. This one exposed confidential information of 34,000 people in the College of Education.

No evidence has been found that the hackers have accessed or used any information on the server, but USC has sent notifications to everyone in the database to place fraud alerts on their credit files, school officials said.

One would have thought that after perhaps the second or third breach at USC they’d figure out they needed some serious help and serious introspection. Will their be a seventh? If there’s a seventh and heads don’t roll you can be assured that someone came up lucky.

There’s not enough detail to even guess at what the security issue or problem may have been. During the same month there was another security breach related to credit card data at USC cafeterias and dining halls. I’m not sure why both weren’t reported at the same time since they both happened the same month.

This kind of reminds me of all the scams that people fall for and they’d say that they’d get calls from all kinds of scammers after they fell for one or two scams. I wonder if USC has become a target of Internet scammers because they aren’t doing enough to secure their systems and now appear like an easy target?

Let’s hope there isn’t a seventh report in the making. Remember, seven is only lucky on your first roll in craps – every other roll and a seven craps you out…

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