Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sorry your token expired sir. Just open your wallet, this won’t hurt much!

Token that expires on 07/31/10
A friend of mine was ranting and raving about his soon to expire one-time password (OTP) token. He  uses it for on-line banking and if it expires he can’t access his accounts. He is in the process of figuring out how to get another shipped to him before this one stops working. When I talk to customers about Quest Defender one of the things that I highlight is that we do not sell tokens that expire on a pre-determined date – like my friends which stops working on 07/31/10. In fact, many of the OATH-compliant tokens that we resell or recommend to customers have a user replaceable battery so you could easily use the same token for many years.

I thought I’d include a picture of the token in question as I wanted to show you the expiry date printed on the back of it. Personally, I have a hard time accepting a product that will basically stop working on a pre-determined date. Yes, I know many companies have bought into this but that was because it was the only game in town but customers are waking up to this poor business practice and are getting tired of having money siphoned from their wallets on a pre-determined date every few years...

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