Monday, June 28, 2010

Great ADFS video and InfoWorld reading

I saw a reference to this video elsewhere and wanted to let you know about it. The video shows Matt Steele who is a program manger at Microsoft who works on ADFS V2. Matt gives a clear explanation of how you “project” your Active Directory identity to an outside-the-firewall application; where and why you might want to purchase a cheap, trusted, SSL certificate; high availability of ADFS; how a federation “broker” would eliminate needing 1:1 relationships with every federated application that you might want to connected to and how authorization policies and decisions are made within an ADFS environment.

If you’d like a excellent introduction to ADFS V2 check out Matt’s video – it’s well worth it. Here’s the synopsis of the video:
Matt Steele walks us through on a whiteboard all of the steps required on how to federate your identity to Windows Azure using ADFS 2.0 for single-sign-on.  This video is a great way to learn how ADFS works and to help you get started to deploy this scenario before you dig into deeper whitepapers.  We will help you answer questions like:
  • What kind of SSL certificate should we get and when to get it?
  • Should we open up the firewall to the ADFS server or just manually copy over the certificates to establish the initial trust relationship?
  • Should we use an ADFS broker or not?
Once you've watched the Matt's video you might want to read this article that recently appeared in InfoWorld: Does ADFS 2.0 deliver on its single sign-on promise?

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