Friday, June 18, 2010

Is Cisco’s Securent Acquisition Dead?

Nearly three years ago Cisco acquired Securent for approximately $100 million. Over the last month or so I have heard from different people that Cisco has canned the Securent technology and associated project. Things have been noticeably quiet on all fronts since the acquisition and I know that many of the original Securent team have moved on from Cisco. If you recall, Securent was an XACML-based policy platform.
Securent's scalable, distributed policy platform allows enterprises to administer, enforce, and audit access to data, communications, and applications in heterogeneous IT application environments. 
I don’t know if it is true or not but where there’s smoke…Anyone else heard anything?

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Unknown said...

Yes, I do have some insider information :-) The Securent product was renamed Cisco Enterprise Policy Manager (CEPM) and both the technology and the product are very much alive and thriving in Cisco. And, contrary to rumors most of the Securent team is working on the Securent technology inside Cisco. I should know -- I was the founder and CEO of Securent and now as VP/GM I lead the Policy Management Business Unit (PMBU) inside Cisco.

- Rajiv Gupta