Wednesday, April 28, 2010

#tec2010 Advanced Workflows in FIM 2010 – One Year Later

Sitting in Jeremy Palenchar’s session on this topic today. He specifically called out his email ( if anyone had questions about this topic or anything FIM related. Thank you, Jeremy!

We all know how FIM utilizes Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) but they are triggered by Management Policy Rules inside FIM. The example that Jeremy showed was centered around helpdesk password resets. Jeremy extended FIM’s password reset capability to send a new password to an end-user’s mobile phone via SMS. It was interesting to hear that the WMI interface to the FIM sync engine has changed and this changed how Jeremy’s code was built from last year to this year. His tip was to use dependency properties versus using custom code activities.

Jeremy demonstrated automated helpdesk password reset by using Microsoft Speech Server. The password was reset and the new password was sent to Jeremy’s cell phone. Jeremy had to interact with FIM’s STS (security token service) to enable this functionality. All of the code is available on Codeplex. Great demo, Jeremy!


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