Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CardSpace 2.0 Delayed

As discussed in Conrad’s keynote yesterday, Microsoft will be delaying the release of Cardspace 2.0. Here’s the blog post confirming that:

Blog Post:

We are postponing CardSpace and will communicate a new target ship date at a later time.  We will release a CTP that enables ADFS 2.0 in Windows Server to issue Information Cards.

The power of Information Cards is being greatly enhanced by fast-moving technologies such as U-Prove and OpenID.  In light of this, we are postponing CardSpace to ensure it plays an optimal role in this changing landscape. We last communicated that Windows CardSpace would ship in the first half of 2010 and we will communicate a new target ship date at a later time.

Microsoft continues to invest in the development digital identity technologies, interoperable identity standards, the claims-based identity model, and Information Cards.  For information about identity solutions we recently released, visit We are also actively participating in industry groups such as the Information Card Foundation, the OpenID Foundation, and standards bodies such as OASIS.

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