Monday, February 08, 2010

Microsoft case study on Quest’s SaaS solutions

We’ve been on the Microsoft Azure bandwagon since that parade started. Early last month Microsoft published a case study about our solution:
Quest Software wanted to enable its customers to share access with their partners and with Quest support staff, to manage user roles centrally, and to log in just once to use multiple Quest services. Using Windows Identity Foundation, Active Directory Federation Services 2.0, and Windows Azure, Quest can provide strong data security, centralized role management, and single sign on and direct access capabilities.
We have three Quest products that we have SaaS enabled so far. You can find them all at:

Recovery Manager OnDemand for Active Directory provides backup and object-level recovery of Active Directory data. It is designed to enable flexible, scheduled backups without manual intervention, facilitating quick and scalable recovery of Active Directory data.

InTrust OnDemand securely collects, stores, reports, and alerts on event data from Windows systems, helping organizations comply with external regulations, internal policies and security best practices.

Site Administrator Reports OnDemand for SharePoint provides free overview reports for an unlimited number of SharePoint sites. The information in these reports allows you to assess the scope of the site you’re reviewing, understand how it is being used, and determine site storage metrics.

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