Saturday, March 21, 2009

Learn to Love Microsoft Vista - NOT

I received this email while I was traveling:

Join us at no charge! Based on a tremendous response KnowledgeWave is hosting another no fee webinar titled Tips and Tricks for Windows Vista.

What will you learn? Explore the powerful new features in the Windows Vista operating system, including, the new user interface, search, and organizational tools. We also provide useful tips on using Windows Internet Explorer 7 and illustrate practical desktop techniques that help you to be more productive right away. Join us for this informative session to see how Windows Vista represents a breakthrough in user experience.
Bad news guys: I've already moved on. I've been running the Windows7 Ultimate beta for six weeks now and loving it. How is it different? Well, on my old Lenovo (IBM) X60 laptop it runs faster and better than Vista ever did. It has never barfed on me, failed to shut down, failed to start or generally made me want to pull my hair out.

Vista, I'm over you.

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