Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NetPro integration roadmap announced

If you are interested in what the integration roadmap between NetPro and Quest is you an find it right here. In summary:

Decisions on the product roadmap were made in the following key areas:

· Active Directory: Quest will move forward with several NetPro products, providing superior auditing and reporting, efficiency, and availability.

· Identity Management: Quest will expand its leadership position by continuing to develop key NetPro products for identity management and compliance.

· Compliance: Quest will enhance its robust portfolio with key NetPro products to provide better visibility, auditing and alerting, and change prevention.

· Exchange Server: Quest will integrate the best features from NetPro’s Exchange Server products and technologies into the existing Quest product line.

· SharePoint: NetPro’s early SharePoint development efforts will be integrated into the development of upcoming Quest products that support SharePoint.

Product support for discontinued products will continue through the end of 2009. In cases where Quest has made the decision to end the sales and development of a product, customers on current maintenance contracts will receive the go-forward product at no additional license cost.

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