Friday, October 24, 2008

The Experts Conference - early bird registration

TEC 2009 early bird registration expires in just eight days – and this is the lowest price you will pay for TEC this year. You can visit the web site - - for details on the themes, speakers, topics, and workshops featured in the TEC 2009 line up. Here are my favorite sessions that are currently on the agenda:

  • Welcome & Keynote by Microsoft: Stuart Kwan, Group Program Manager, Federated Identity and Security; Alex Weinert, Group Program Manager, ILM; Group Program Manager, Directory Services. Obviously, this session will provide the latest and greatest view into Microsoft's IAM strategy.

  • Federation Gateways - The Key to Supporting Platform-Specific Applications in Heterogeneous Environments: Nick Nikols, Novell. Lots of talk about cloud computing, software and identity as services so I'll be interested in Nick's view on this hot topic.

  • Implementing an Identity-Based Solution using Microsoft's Cloud Based Infrastructure: Danny Kim, Full Armor. Identity as a Service - enough said!

  • Notes from the Field: Deploying Secure SSO to the Internet and Back: Dave Jones, Cisco. I'm interested in this to see if there's a tie-in between what Dave is going to talk about and Cisco's Securent acquisition.

Those are my top picks for TEC 2009 and there are many more awesome sessions. Check them out and take advantage of the early bird registration.

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