Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18, 2008 - Links and Commentary

Microsoft fills in identity puzzle
Awesome news about the Identity Metasystem and all the work that's going into claims-based identity and identity as a service over at Microsoft. Read the last paragraph of John Fontana's story: "Microsoft announced prices for its hosted Microsoft Online Services earlier this week, but did not have any details on claims-based support for those cloud services." This speaks volumes in itself and bothers me to no end. Why can't Microsoft announce something that includes internal adoption? Yes, I would like some steak with that sizzling plate you just delivered!!

Former HP VP charged with stealing IBM trade secrets
Apparently this genius is charged with allegedly emailing confidential IBM information to two senior HP vice presidents - with non-descript subject lines like "For Your Eyes Only". This is a clear example of the Peter Principle in action!

VMware's CEO switch targeted at Microsoft, analysts say
More on Paul Maritz as the new VMWare CEO. "VMware is a single-product company trying to compete with a giant in their backyard, because the operating system environment is Microsoft's bread and butter.” You figure? Where have we seen this before? "Maritz probably can be expected to lower VMWare's product prices..." Now, there's a surprise, too.

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