Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tenet #7 - Be an Agent of Change

Here's tenet #7 from my whitepaper "Tenets of Identity Management". Part #1 of the "Tenets of Identity Management" podcast is posted on the Quest web site. Part #2 is also now available.

Be an Agent of Change—Internally and with Your Suppliers

Identity management is something that must be built into every project, whether internal or external. That means the people who develop in-house custom applications for you must understand what identity management is conceptually, and how your company is implementing it from a practical perspective. You want your developers to be leveraging that consolidated infrastructure, not building yet another repository of identity data.

The same goes for your suppliers and partners. Be clear that you expect their software to work within your identity management paradigm. You may not be 100-percent successful with your suppliers and partners, but you need to insist that identity management be part of their solutions. If more of us do this, we will see more independent software vendors (ISVs) start to support external directories or application programming interfaces (APIs) for authentication and authorization rather than requiring their own.

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