Sunday, June 10, 2007

Soprano's finale...a brilliant market test?

The Soprano's finale ended in a way that it could start up again, be spun off or any number of things could make it the prelude to something else. I think it's interesting the way that HBO ended it. It's really a very measurable market test. Why?

When the Soprano's season started in April, I turned on HBO. Tomorrow, I'll turn it off.

I won't be the only one. If there's many like me, I wonder how long it is before HBO announces something?

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Anonymous said...

I re-upped to HBO for the new season of "Big Love."

There's an audience -- like me -- who enjoys sex and violence hidden in middle-class, white-bread-looking, spiritually cultish personalities.

Maybe with a Mormon running for President, this second season will have more of a following.