Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tenet #6 - Beware of YAD or YA Anything

Here's tenet #6 from my whitepaper "Tenets of Identity Management". Part #1 of the "Tenets of Identity Management" podcast is posted on the Quest web site. Part #2 is also now available.

Beware of YAD or YA Anything

You will probably be talking to many identity management vendors as part of your purchasing process either in the request for information (RFI) or request for proposal (RFP) phase of your project. Beware of any vendor that requires you to purchase yet another directory (YAD) or yet another (YA) anything. Remember, a complicated environment with many moving parts is what got you here in the first place. If a vendor says you need to purchase its directory or a component that you already have from another vendor, start asking some serious questions. If you are being asked to purchase another directory, ask why. Ask whether and how other directories will be consolidated through that purchase. If consolidation is not occurring, you will be left with synchronizing yet another directory, which means more moving parts and that you aren’t simplifying. Be very careful about adding additional infrastructure. You may end up being forced into an additional directory but be sure you clearly understand the reasons and any alternatives or trade-offs.

The same is true for other components. If you are happy with your reporting system, but are being asked to replace it, exercise caution. Consolidation means reducing the number of moving parts, not replacing them one for one. Make sure that you are getting additional benefit and you are reducing the number of products and tools in use as much as possible.

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