Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Microsoft agrees to participate in ID project

Todd Bishop of the Seattle P-I published an interesting article about further Microsoft interop efforts this morning...
With the CardSpace system in Windows Vista, Microsoft is one of many companies working on new online identification systems. However, Microsoft has so far refrained from joining the Liberty Alliance, an industry consortium formed in part out of concerns over the company's original Passport log-in system.

But Microsoft has now agreed to participate in an upcoming meeting of the Concordia Project, which was conceived by the Liberty Alliance to be an independent group that encourages interoperability among business-related identity systems. The group announced this morning that Mike Jones of Microsoft's CardSpace team will take part in the meeting along with OpenID and Liberty Alliance representatives. According to the Concordia site, they will listen to case studies from AOL, Boeing and others, and then use those case studies to help figure out how to proceed.

The move follows Microsoft's embrace of OpenID earlier this year, which suggested a more inclusive approach.

I'm sure Kim Cameron is behind this in a few ways but it is further positive reinforcement of Microsoft's efforts to be open and interoperable. I'm happy to see it.

Apparently AOL and Boeing will be participating. If you read the whole article you'll see how Roger Sullivan of the Liberty Alliance talks about wanting an open forum to hear about customer use cases and better understand what customers need around business federation. Here, here! Great idea!

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