Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Old friends

I'm in Washington, DC as my next stop of the reality tour. When I worked at Zoomit many years ago I used to spend a lot of time down here. If anyone remembers the "Defence Message System" (DMS) initiative of the mid-90s you'll remember it was based around X.500 and the OSI protocols. I knew that DMS was going to be a train wreck because it was based on X.500 when LDAP had just come out and the protocol stack was OSI-based versus TCP/IP-based. Anyway, DMS never did turn into the thing it was supposed to be.

I met one of my best friends down here as part of Zoomit's work on DMS, Banyan VINES and many other projects. Jerry Welch was then - and still is - with CPS Systems. CPS was one of the resellers of Zoomit's products.

Jerry's a real class act, a gentleman and an ex-Marine "Mustang" aviator who saw combat in Vietnam. It was great to get together to reminisce and talk about family and how much things have changed and how much things haven't changed! Jerry's still doing the identity management thing and now sells a product called "SimpleSync" that CPS built shortly after Zoomit was acquired by Microsoft.

Check out the license plate on his car...!

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