Thursday, March 29, 2007

PowerShell announcements & PowerGUI

Lots of coverage about PowerShell during the Microsoft Management Summit and some nice coverage of the PowerGUI website and software. Quest Software issued a couple of press releases about our integration plans for PowerShell. Our efforts were also blogged about on Microsoft's PowerShell blog!

PowerGUI was demo-ed by Quest during the session of Jeffrey Snover and with PowerGUI you have an graphical interface for PowerShell. It's even more it's an extensible administrative console based on Windows PowerShell. So you can start with an graphical interface and look at the PowerShell script for later use. How cool is that?

My buddy Dmitry Sotnikov has lots of good technical information over at his blog about PowerShell. Dmitry is the man behind the curtain for our website and our PowerShell efforts.

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