Friday, March 30, 2007

$200 a week PowerGUI draw

We've had an internal contest to award cash to Quest employees who build useful tools on top of PowerGUI. We're extending that contest externally now. Dmitry Sotnikov blogs about it...

In order to celebrate PowerGUI launch Quest Software, is setting up a weekly draw of $200 Amazon certificates among the folks submitting PowerGUI packs to the Library at

The rules are pretty simple:1. Run PowerGUI. 2. Add a few nodes to the tree and a few actions to the right-hand pane (see flash demos in the documentation section for instructions on how to do this.) 3. Export the new functionality and post your file to the Library.

Each Sunday we will do a draw and randomly pick one of the submissions (tip: submit two packs to double your chances ;)). I will then send a private message to the winner to learn the contact information I could pass to the guys at Quest who will send you the certificate.

That’s it! Pick the area you know and post something that you consider useful and you’ll get a pretty good chance of winning!

Here's your change to jump on the PowerGUI band wagon and maybe grab some cash!

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