Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Congrats to my good friend Kim Cameron. His "InfoCard" creation, now called CardSpace, was a highlight of Bill Gate's & Craig Mundie's RSA keynote today...

Mundie: ...one of the things I personally really like is the work that was done in Windows Vista with this capability we call CardSpace. What I think we tried to do there is to create a vehicle that allows people to have a GUI for credentials that represent their identities or different personas in any of these situations. It should be no more difficult for someone, given a particular situation, whether they're shopping or applying for some e-government transaction, it should be no more difficult for them to identify themselves in a relevant way, in a controlled way online than it is for them to walk into somebody's office or a counter or a grocery store, and reach in their pocket or purse and take out a credit card or a driver's license

Gates: ...that's one thing we're announcing today is that we're going to support this Open ID 2.0, and there extending what they've done so that this credential capability moving beyond passwords, the CardSpace capability, they're going to have that as a standard capability, partly because they see that it solves some problems, some attacks and some complexity for the user that a pure password approach is always going to have

Kim has posted and blogged about the coverage of the announcement far better than I could so I leave it to you to head over to his blog if you'd like to read more about all of the coverage...

Interoperability is always a good thing so it's pretty easy for me to applaud Bill's announcement. I hope it helps to bring the camps together. I can tell you from both my personal and professional knowledge of Kim that he is the real deal. He is not a Microsoft "stooge" as soon have made him out to be and I am willing to bet a fine bottle of wine that he was the primary driver behind this interoperability statement.

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