Monday, February 05, 2007

Backstage at RSA

Many years ago I used to help organize conferences for the Association of Banyan Users International. I had the privilege of being the association president for a few years. Anyway, we worked with an association management company called Danieli & O'Keefe Associates and in particular Phyllis Danieli. Fast forward a bunch of years and a bunch of jobs and Phyllis now works for Nth Degree who organize and manage the RSA conference.

Phyllis and some of her staff took me on a tour and showed me around backstage. The picture above is the team getting prepared for Art Coviello's keynote session. There are over 15,000 attendees at this year's show. The show floor is maxed out at 400 exhibitors and the show has been growing about 20% a year. Not bad, eh?

I admire what Phyllis and her team have been doing. Not only keeping the conference theme fresh but all of the research and focus groups they hold in order to bring a better conference to the industry year after year. I'm sure it's not an easy job.

I've been visiting lots of booths and seeing new and old products. I'll blog about a few of those over the next few days.

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