Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Identity Lifecycle Manager

Microsoft announced Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM 2007) at the RSA show along with their strategy for the next couple of years. ILM 2007 is basically the current MIIS 2003 revved up with a new management agent for Microsoft Certificate Lifecycle Manager (CLM) and reduced pricing ($25K/CPU to $15K/server).

ILM 2007 is also the ship vehicle for CLM which was the Alacris product that Microsoft acquired last year. Alacris was - yes, you got it - another Ottawa company! If you want to manage the lifecycle of a certificate through ILM 2007 you'll have to purchase the product for $15K per server and then pay $25/CAL for the certificate piece.

Also announced was ILM "2" which is due out "late 2008". Microsoft stated that ILM "2" will enable you to manage your identities in Active Directory much better than you can today. Of course, if you want to actually do that today you could achieve that with some fabulous Quest Software products! Of course, Quest Software is also an ILM partner.

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