Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Got a sec for IPSec? Apparently Deloitte does!

In a previous post, I asked about IPSec and what people were doing with it - if anything. I truly believe that in this world "there are no accidents" and this belief was supported by having Deloitte Consulting at the booth across from Quest Software's booth touting IPSec!

In another "there are no accidents" coincidence it turns out that Derek Street who was staffing the Deloitte booth is from Ottawa - my home town. Amazing. Derek is a big believe in IPSec. In fact, I would call him an IPSec crusader. It was interesting to fill Derek in on what we were doing with our Vintela products around IPSec and how I was marrying some of our Windows research into the mix. Derek handed me a very nice brochure and white paper that describes Deloitte's solution and technical details. I'm sure if you dropped Derek an e-mail at he could send you a link to the materials. They're quite good.

Keep up the crusade, Derek. I'm with ya!

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