Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Even small companies benefit from identity management!

There aren't enough success stories out there about identity management so please forgive me when I blog about Quest's. Especially when the story is about a small company that is implementing an identity management strategy for 230 employees and they are already seeing the benefits from it!

The story also fits nicely with my previous post on self-service scenarios because the company - Red Energy - implemented Quest Password Manager to eliminate password reset calls to their helpdesk. Click on the title below to read the whole press release.

Red Energy Chooses Quest Software to Simplify Identity Management

Customer quote: “It was important to get our identity management solution right from day one,” said Steve Byrne, enterprise architect, Technology & Development, Red Energy. “Quest’s solutions make things simpler by enabling us to efficiently manage users across multiple systems, and extending Active Directory benefits like stronger passwords and Group Policy to all platforms. Quest’s tools were extremely easy to get up and running – the choice was essentially a no-brainer.”

Microsoft quote: “It is important for our mutual customers, such as Red Energy, to have a secure IT environment,” said Peter Houston, senior director of marketing for Identity and Access at Microsoft Corp. “They have chosen the strength and security that Active Directory provides to manage their digital identities, and Quest helps simplify this management in an automated, more secure way.”

Jackson's after-the-fact quote: AWESOME! And, thanks for selecting Quest!

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