Friday, February 09, 2007

Est-tu, Titus?

What, another Ottawa-based good idea? Apparently! Titus Systems is making in-roads around "information classification". In other words, tagging files and documents with classifications like secret and confidential. Couple that with Microsoft's Rights Management Server (RMS) and maybe some of those documents that we author here at Quest Software wouldn't end up over at my competitor ("Company G") so fast. Well, they'd probably end over there just as fast but at least they'd be unreadable.

It seems Titus is closing some big deals in this area. I'm hopeful that RMS might actually go somewhere. It's still not ready for prime time in an internet environment (Ever try to read an RMS-enabled document sent from another company? It's not exactly a perfect user experience - if it works) but most companies start with cleaning up their own house before they start worrying about external communications.

Keep your eye on Titus...

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