Friday, March 09, 2012

IETF explores new working group on identity management in the cloud - Computerworld

Great article on the SCIM (simple cloud identity management) specification that you should read. The key paragraph to note is:

"Momentum for SCIM is going to be key," Land says. "We've got Google, Webex, VMware all saying that they've got it ready to go. You'll see a lot more of the smaller vendors, the middleware guys, build products with SCIM. Towards the end of 2012, we should start seeing implementations of SCIM within the enterprise."

I talked about this in my previous post on the topic “SCIM, PEX and what the parrot saw”. Momentum is exactly what I am hoping to see in 2012. Which companies will adopt it and release support for SCIM in their product? Google? Webex? VMWare? Any of those 4 would be great. All of those four would be awesome! Customers will ask us to support those platforms for sure. But it is pretty doubtful customers will ask us to support Ping Identity, Courion, UNBoundID or SailPoint.

I’m not a complete Doubting Thomas on this topic (sorry, it is Lent after all) – just a pragmatist.

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