Monday, October 24, 2011

Quest Authentication Services now IBM VIOS Certified

Quest Authentication Services (QAS) 4.0 was recently awarded IBM Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) certification.

“VIOS allows a single machine to run multiple operating system (OS) images at the same time but each is isolated from the others. This logical partition (LPAR) controlled by the HMC or IVM that owns hardware adapters like SCSI disks, Fibre-Channel disks, Ethernet or CD/DVD optical devices but allows other LPARs to access them or a part of them. This allows the device to be shared. The LPAR with the resources is called the VIO Server and the other LPARs using it are called VIO Clients. For example, instead of each LPAR having a SCSI adapter and SCSI disk to boot from they can shared one disk on the VIO Server. This reduces costs but eliminating adapters, adapter slots and disks.”

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