Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Privileged Identity Management (PIM) Market to Grow 24% Through 2014

I came across this report yesterday. Not surprising to see the following statement highlighted:
One of the key factors contributing to market growth is the growing compliance requirements.
Hopefully, we have all come to realize that the reason for many software acquisitions in this area - identity and access management - are to help companies meet compliance requirements. And, that most of the components of an IAM suite enable a customer to better comply with these regulations.

Update: Martin Kuppinger sent me an email and made a couple of good points that I felt were worth highlighting:

  1. 24% CAGR growth is too low. I agree! The issues around privileged account/identity management are only growing. We've seen some great examples recently of how poor controls around privileged accounts have led to some IT disasters. And, as the report highlights, compliance regulations aren't getting any easier.
  2. It's easier to be compliant when PxM (Privileged whatever Management) becomes tightly integrated with Provisioning and Access Governance, unlike today, where we frequently see things done separately for "normal" and privileged accounts, users, and identities. This is very true. It isn't really possible to consider PxM outside of provisioning and access governance any more. The days of just managing "root" on your Unix boxes are long gone. In fact, I wonder how companies are going to handle their Office365 administrative account? How they handle their privileged accounts? PxM needs to include the cloud too!

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