Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to ensure Active Directory availability

We’ve released a white paper on this topic that you can find here (registration required) or here.
Today’s IT organizations refer to Active Directory as the ―heart of their infrastructure. Active Directory sits at the center of a Windows-based environment, and without it, the entire network can become useless. Because Active Directory is the key to the authentication and authorization functions that grant users access to nearly every resource they use throughout the day, an impaired Active Directory can cause performance, security, and availability problems throughout the network.

To manage Active Directory successfully, you’ll need tools to monitor its health and detect impending problems, as well as tools that can help correct those problems and even help you recover from a failure.

This paper explores some of the key capabilities you need to maintain a healthy Active Directory infrastructure, and examines techniques and technologies that can help recover from a failure, mistake or other problem condition.
I'll put a plug in for Spotlight on Active Directory. This is an awesome tool. In fact, if I was an AD admin or concerned with AD operations at all I'd have Spotlight on Active Directory at-hand or - at a bare minimum - bookmark the link to download it if I ever needed it: The fact of the matter is we offer a fully functional 30-day evaluation license. So, if you ever find yourself in a bad situation you should download it and get some free diagnostics. It might just save your butt.

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