Monday, June 20, 2011

Controlling Privileged Account Access

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/21) at 1PM eastern we are presenting a webcast on this topic…

Access through privileged accounts is one of the most troublesome security and compliance challenges. Manually controlling administrative access is tedious and error prone and leads to a lack of accountability, auditing and, at times, administrators having more access than necessary.

Join Quest Software for this informative webcast where we will walk you through the issues of common privileged account scenarios such as:
  • Controlling remote vendor access
  • Enabling developer access to production
  • Managing the issuance and approval of credentials
  • Facilitating separation of duties
  • Providing limited rights for daily administrative tasks
  • Managing a Sudo environment
You will also see how Quest One Privileged Account Management solutions help you control access. They make it easy through granular delegation and policy-based control of administrative accounts as well as tightly controlled and audited issuance of full administrative credentials.

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