Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BAA replaces their legacy OTP solution with Quest Defender

Good case study just published about BAA’s replacement of their legacy OTP solution in favor of Quest Defender. BAA is one of the world’s leading transport companies, owning six airports in the UK, including the largest, London Heathrow. One of Defender’s main advantages is being able to co-exist with other systems so a customer can do an “as they please” migration – no forklift required. Defender’s ability to co-exist with BAA’s previous solution also ensured that continuity of service was maintained during the roll-out.
“BAA will save money because Defender tokens last at least 67 percent longer than our previous solution, and last for the life of the battery rather than having a defined life of three years,” said Fiona Hayward, IT Programme Manager. “We can renew users’ tokens when they expire, as a help desk business-as-usual process, instead of issuing 7,500 tokens in one go and incurring the costs associated with running such a project.”
Thanks to BAA for participating in our case study. I always appreciate customers who are willing to talk publicly about our products and their success.

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